Little Red Riding Hood Pinkeep OOAK~SOLD

~The Real Story.. Or Not.
Little Red Riding Hood frequented the stony path to Grandmother's house. Grandmother was 102 in wolf years after all. Just not able to visit as often as she would like.
As she was walking to Grandmother's house one sunny spring day, she wondered why no one called her by her name anymore? Everyone just referred to her as Little Red Riding Hood. She has a perfectly good name, it's not odd or anything. Simple and sweet. Even her Father doesn't call her Maisie anymore.
In case You ever wondered the real name of Little Red Riding Hood, It is Maisie. I love to create things that remind me of my childhood but with a little bit more to it. How would the story go if Little Red Riding Hood were the wolf instead of the villain? This was so much fun!

Little Red Riding Hood was created from muslin and wool.  She stands nicely on her own at 7 inches tall. Weighted with crushed walnut shells. Perfect for needles or display.
I needle sculpted her facial features.  Hand stitched the wool fur, dress and cape. Her arms are wired spun cotton and pose-able as you wish. Tucked in her arm is a small basket, filled with cheesecloth. Little Red Riding Hoods dress is cotton calico and her apron is tea dyed cheesecloth.

The cape is made from a beautiful barn red flannel.
Little Red Riding Hood is a one of a kind, one at a time art doll. For display or to be used as a pincushion.
The Price for her is SOLD!! $58.00plus $7.00 shipping USA

Thank you for viewing my page. Have a blessed week.

May she bring a smile to your face and a tug at your heart.