~Big Hearted Annie~ Pinkeep

A few of my favorite things.
February for many folks is a month of celebrating all the loves in our lives. So to go along with this idea I have created Annie with a great big heart full of love.
 Not only is she a reminder of a beloved doll from my childhood but she is a ginger kid. Dolls with red hair were difficult to find in those days.

She is also created to serve as your new favorite needle keeper. I love to sew. I especially love creating pinkeeps. I love sweet items that serve a purpose.
Annie was created form hand dyed muslin.She measures approximately 9 inches tall. Her features are a combination of stitchery and painting.
Annie's flaming red locks are made from wool and needle felted into place.
She is dressed in a lovely blue calico, vintage lace collar and aged apron. 
The little woolen heart is being hugged. A few stitches hold it into place.
 The base is a vintage canning lid, I used a lovely wool for the pin top and wrapped it in some cotton measuring tape. A old fashioned button from Grandma's button jar ties it all together. 3 little pins are included. Other items shown are not included.
Annie's price is$48.00 plus $6.00 shipping in the  USA.
 May she bring a smile to your face and a tug at your heart