~Betty Croaker~ OOAK

Betty Croaker is the original kitchen witch. Walking up to her on the mossy trails of Crooked Creek you wouldn't think she was a witch, trust me looks can be deceiving. This lady carries her cauldron cookbook and cauldron stocked full of needful items for a impromptu spell or two at any given moment. After all it's a witches job to keep the magic going.
Betty is created from painted osnaburg. Her eyes are hand blown glass and her mouth is wired for gentle posing. She measures almost 12 inches tall from the tip of her hat to the bottom of her birch wood base.
Betty's hat is created from a lovely aged gray flannel. Her shawl is made from black cheesecloth and her sweet dress is made from quilt shop calico.

Tucked in her arm is her secret cauldron cookbook. It is created entirely by hand, made from tea stained papers, with hand distressed edges. it measures 1.5 inches wide by 1.75 inches long.

In her other hand she carries her trusty and a little rusty cauldron. This was  hand sculpted from clay, textured and painted. Tucked inside are a few logs, a bundle of bark tied in twine, her favorite moss and last but not least a moonstone.

Betty Croaker is a collectable doll and not suitable as a toy.
Betty will come carefully packaged from our smoke free home to yours.
The price for Betty is $78.00 plus $10.00 shipping in the USA.
May she bring a smile to your face and a tug at your heart.
Blessings, Pea